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How The New Minute Man Breaks Away From The Field

breakaway-sign-post-1MINUTE MAN offers the industry's only true 360 degree U-channel safety breakaway system specifically engineered for a wide variety of small sign support applications.  These include permanent or temporary warning, cable, guide and construction uses. The safety breakaway system is especially beneficial in high-impact areas, like center medians, islands, large right-of-ways, bull noses, turning radii, bridge abutments and sharp curves.

It's called the MINUTE MAN, and the name says it all.  It is erected and even repaired quickly and easily by one man, using the same basic equipment used to install conventional sigh posts: sledges, power jackhammers, gasoline or pneumatic power drill/breakers.



breakaway-sign-post-2The MINUTE MAN consists of two pieces of alloy cast steel (ASTM A536 Gr. 80) which fit into a MINUTE MAN U-channel.  These couplers are bolted to a MINUTE MAN ground post and a MINUTE MAN upright sign post, then connected by a shear pin.  It's easy to install-one person can do it in less than 10 minutes, even in a mild wind.  On-site time can be further reduced if the unit is pre-assembled in-shop.  And in the field, there's no need for ladders, cranes or cherry pickers ... so your costs are even less.



On impact, the pin connecting the MINUTE MAN's coupler shears, separating the upright sign support from the ground post.  But, because of its unique design, the post is guided down until it lays flat on the ground, so it won't become a dangerous projectile.

And the MINUTE MAN is engineered to leave you with a reusable ground post when hit from any direction - making it the industry's only complete breakaway system.

Some other "breakaway" sign posts are proven only when hit head-on at low speeds - an unlikely combination in real-life situations.  If impact occurs from the side of such a support, the ground post is wrenched sideways an is often not reusable.  Not the MINUTE MAN.  According to our field testing, this simple system has a reusability ratio of over 95%.  And since sign supports are 26% of the total cost of a sign, installation is 27% and 4% is removal or repair, you'll find the MINUTE MAN reduces your costs for all three.




Fifteen minutes is all it takes to convert existing U-channel posts to the superior MINUTE MAN system.  This is accomplished easily by sawing the existing post off 6" above the ground, attaching both couplers, driving the base post to a 3" height. 



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